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Working amongst those in the sex industry…….

Working amongst those in the sex industry…….

Hi All,Streetgirls1

As you would have noticed my Pamper Van emails have become less frequent than they used to be.  The main reason for this is that God has, for some time now, been leading me to focus on discipling/rehabilitating those women he sends me (mainly through Pamper Van) who desire to come out of the sex industry, particularly by having them live with us.  Coincidentally the one time recently that I did go with the Pamper Van ladies on a brothel outreach visit, I ended up with a girl coming to live with us.  It’s clear that the Lord, even in this small way, is just confirming what I have known for a while now.

Hence I will no longer be sending out Pamper Van news emails.  If you would like to continue receiving news about PV let me know and I will have the PV ladies who do send out news include you on their emailing lists.  From now on I will be instead sending out news updates on the progress of this rehab project instead.  If you would like to be included on my list of those who receive these updates, let me know.  If you don’t respond to this email you will no longer receive emails from me.

To share some details as to how I have come to this place, you may remember that over a year ago Eva Bruins and I went to NSW together to visit a women’s rehab called Destiny Haven.  During that week God spoke to me very clearly and repeatedly regarding His calling on me to start a similar work.  Since then we (the Beel family) have had one or other person living in our home being rehabilitated and discipled.  However for different reasons it has only been recently that I felt the time had come to begin working directly towards this goal.

My ministry focus from now is on setting up a women’s rehab/discipleship house for those exiting prostitution work, addictions and related life controlling issues.  In particular I hope we can offer this same help to those women who are working in the sex industry in Australia but are citizens of other countries.  These women are the more vulnerable and trapped.  They are trapped by poverty and cultural/family obligations and are therefore vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.  I am keen to assist Aussie girls but I believe we are not to leave the most vulnerable out of this project but to aim to assist them also to escape the industry and find freedom in Christ.  In our experience, through Pamper Van outreaches, the sex industry in Perth is staffed by approximately 50% Australian women and 50% international (mainly Asian) women.  God willing, we will become equipped to properly rehabilitate and disciple any of them who chooses to come to us.  This will be quite a big challenge as they will not be eligible for the Centrelink allowance that Australians receive when in a rehab.  Additionally the international women will need to meet the conditions of their visas.  And finally these women often have obligations to their families back in their home countries, to support their aging parents, siblings or their own children.  These three factors make it almost impossible for these women to exit sex work and begin a life of following Jesus fully.  And this has indeed been our experience at Pamper Van.  Aussies may escape the industry but the international women do not, even if they give their lives to the Lord, go regularly to Bible study and even church.
To meet the pressing needs of these women, my vision includes an English school (so the women can comply with the conditions of their student visas).  Alternatively we could arrange a partnership agreement with an existing RTO.  Additionally we would like to include a business, perhaps a café or Asian restaurant, where the women can work to earn their own money to pay for their expenses and to support their families as we disciple them in the Lord.   This is an ambitious vision and I have asked the Lord about it on a number of occasions but I believe he keeps directing me in this way and confirming the need to include the international women in our target group.
As an aside, we also hope that the Lord will provide us with horses as a therapeutic part of the ministry, for the women to learn to love, care for and enjoy, something so far from their lifestyles in red light districts across Asia and Australia.
If you feel maybe God might call you to pray with us for His continued leading and enabling towards this work join us at our once a month prayer meetings and/or let me know that you would like to be included on my new email list to receive updates about our progress.  Details of the dates and venue of the meetings will be available soon, but it will be a central location.
I know there are difficulties and challenges ahead but if this is His calling, nothing will be impossible.
Thanks and love,

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